Private Labeling

Global Nutraceutics offers Private labeling with top quality, packaging with your brand, logo, and label.

Global Nutraceutics offers a base of over 200 stock formulations to you do your own private label. Global Nutraceutics offers a low minimum order of only 240 bottles per item under your own label.

Global Nutraceutics also provide custom artwork, photography, and renderings for your private labels.

We manufacture your products with your Private Label in the United States and we ship to your country. To know if this operation is feasible with your country you will need to verify the type of import documentation required by your country and once we have this information we can then determine if it can be done.

Start to sell your own brand with high-quality standards quickly, easily and without having to spend a large investment.

If you want to sell your private label supplements on Amazon, we provide the products and the ISO / IEC 17025 certified Certificate of Analysis now required by Amazon.

Start your Private Label business in just three steps:

  1. Choose a formula from more than 200 available from Global Nutraceutics;
  2. Choose your custom label elaborated by our design team;
  3. Start making money.

There are various advantages for your company:

  1. Control over product or service pricing;
  2. Marketing independence;
  3. A personalized image (and higher customer loyalty);
  4. Higher control of production, marketing, distribution, and profits;
  5. Personalized inputs such as logos and taglines;
  6. Changing customer preferences.

These advantages provide an edge over the other brand, which helps create a personalized and unique brand for your company.